LIFT is a relationship-driven business created by experienced aviation professionals to provide Aircraft Management, Aircraft Access, and Aircraft Acquisition and Sales Solutions. We understand your time is the most precious commodity, and one that always seems in short supply. The focus of LIFT is efficiency, saving you time and money. We manage our dry lease aircraft to the highest standards, keeping them FAA compliant, updated, staged, and ready for your call to action.

We also specialize in a creative solution to reduce the costs of aircraft ownership turning aircraft down-time into returns on your investment. LIFT provides our expertise to find you the perfect airplane to fit your needs with the lowest overall cost of ownership. As the ownership cycle nears the end, we will be there to market your aircraft for sale.  We want to be your one-stop-shop for all things aviation.

Efficient Travel

Each aircraft type was designed for a specific mission in mind – some go fast, some go far, some carry more passengers, some burn more fuel and some less. At LIFT we have chosen a few select aircraft types in high demand due to their safety record, modern design, and high efficiency, covering the most ground on the lowest cost per mile. Owning an aircraft locks you into one aircraft type. With LIFT we have a variety of aircraft to choose from, depending on how much space you need and where your travels will take you. From there, the plane is yours, and we’ll be standing by. Contact LIFT to determine which of our dry-leases fit your schedule and budget.

Business Necessity

Flying privately used to be a luxury. But it’s quickly becoming a necessity, especially for the business traveler who simply can’t afford to burn time dealing with commercial airlines and all the waiting and delays that have become the status quo.  What’s your favorite part of flying on a commercial airline? Showing up hours early? Waiting in line? Submitting to a security strip search? Or maybe it’s cramming into a plane with hundreds of other people? And don’t forget the fun of missed connections and lost baggage. If you can possibly imagine leaving all of that in the past, then LIFT is your solution.

With the commercial airline’s business model collapsing year after year, many forward thinking businesses with regional and national travel needs have shifted their focus to private air travel. You can make multiple meetings in different cities all in the same day further improving your business efficiency.  The savings of travel costs and shorter travel times can actually increase your bottom line. You can increase the amount of time at home or back at your desk where you operate most effectively. Our goal is to give you back the time you would have lost traveling by the airlines and at a cost competing with first class airfare and hotel stays.

Total Control

As a dry lease customer, LIFT provides you with aircraft access. An FAA conforming dry-lease is paralleled to an ownership experience where you determine all factors of the flight. You are the authority and in operational control of when the flight takes place, where the aircraft takes you, and who your pilot will be. This model allows you to build a trusting relationship with your personal pilot as a friend in the cockpit rather than flying with a stranger each time you travel as you may with chartering a flight. Our model is designed for the traveler who has known, on-going travel needs. With more travel, comes greater travel efficiency.

Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is BOTH a complex AND exciting business decision. Managing an aircraft can be overwhelming where it feels like a second career to do it yourself. LIFT is comprised of aviation professionals, practiced, versed, and highly trained in keeping ahead of the aviation management curve. We provide oversight on the intricate and ever-changing requirements to keep your aircraft in flight ready condition. We make the most efficient use of our contacts in the aviation field with a focus on finding the best value for your needs.

Lift can help you reduce insurance, hangar, maintenance and fuel costs. Our management services include: regulatory compliance, maintenance oversight, database updates, professional cleaning, scheduling, and staging of your aircraft for each mission as if it were our own.

Ownership Strategy

Cost Reduction

Whether you are acquiring your first airplane or currently an owner, LIFT professionals assist you with the overall ownership strategy. We created a method to minimize your costs of ownership by negotiating the best values for your expenses while offering the the cost offset of our Dry Lease Broker Services.

Our strategy at LIFT is to help you, as an aircraft owner, turn your unused down-time into returns on your investment.  We personally have assisted several aircraft owners reduce their expenses to a small fraction of the standard ownership costs.


LIFT assists you with acquisitions of your aircraft finding the perfect type for your needs. A few items we consider to determine your next aircraft are: mission needs, acquisition price, maintenance items, operating costs, fixed costs, time on airframe and engines, avionics, cosmetics, and compatibility with our Dry Lease Broker Service. Following market trends, we forecast future values based on the ownership strategy. We then compile the data to determine the anticipated costs and returns over the term of ownership. Contact LIFT today to discuss our discounted acquisition services.


When the aircraft ownership cycle approaches the end, LIFT is here to help. We are aviation sales professionals who research and evaluate the trends on the resale market. We analyze current market data to determine the best method to position your aircraft for sale.


Scott W

We take both short and long trips, with between 1 and 8 passengers, so there’s no one aircraft that handles more than 50% of our trips. LIFT’s excellent program allows us to tailor the aircraft – small or large, turbo prop or jet – to our mission. LIFT’s program saves us time and money, which goes right to the bottom line. Best of all, the people at LIFT are service-oriented, fun to talk to and always available.


Lift is the best solution we have found – after participating in several other Jet ownership/jet card programs. Their fleet provides a wide range of options, for all of our needs. In addition, Coy, Christie and the team are absolutely first rate.

Hank S

Spoiler Alert: The flexibility and customized service of LIFT will spoil you rotten.

About Us

  • Coy Comontofski

    President, ATP, MEI, CSIP
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    Coy Comontofski | President, ATP, MEI, CSIP
  • Loren Lawson

    Vice President / Business Development
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    Loren Lawson | Vice President / Business Development

COY COMONTOFSKI attended The University of Texas. In 1996 he took the first step in his pilot career and earned his private pilots license. It only made sense to marry his new-found passion of flight with his Business and Economics degrees. Coy has earned his Instrument Rating, Single and Multi-Engine Commercial Licenses, Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Licenses in both Single and Multi-Engine Aircraft, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating topped off as a type rated pilot in the King Air 300/350. He has now flown more than 4000 hours of total flight time where almost all of this time has been as Pilot in Command (PIC) in high performance and turbo-prop aircraft. While building into a professional pilot, he was also positioning himself as an aircraft sales professional.

Today, Coy is an aviation businessman with a proven track record of exceeding expectations through the development of lasting relationships with integrity and ethical business practices. As a one-man team he successfully grew a satellite branch of a fractional aviation company from two piston aircraft in 2009 to nine piston and turbo-prop aircraft in 2013. Today, with the same passion it took to build himself into a professional pilot and successful aircraft salesman, Coy is the President and owner of LIFT Aviation Company.

Coy resides in Austin, TX near Lake Austin, is a proud husband and parent to a beautiful baby girl, spending his down time with his two golden-doodles, wake-surfing on Lake Austin in the summer and in the mountains of Summit County, Colorado in the Winter.

LOREN LAWSON Loren earned a degree in Marketing from Southwest Texas State University. She was raised with strong family values and a hard work ethic. She lives by the golden-rule treating others as she would be treated. When you talk to or meet Loren it is evident she has a passion for uncovering the needs of her clients and for customer satisfaction. She is an active listener and develops an individual focus for clients, which helps her to consistently meet their business needs. She has over 13 years experience in sales and customer service with Fortune 500 companies and brings this expertise to LIFT Aviation.

Loren is an incredible mother to a gorgeous baby girl, enjoys bird hunting, fishing, wake-surfing and snowboarding and loves the city she calls home, Austin, TX.

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